Between Your Ears Podcast: Returning in April 2013

BYE Season 1 Cover Art
“Between Your Ears is a podcast in which Zac Erickson busts the myths of psychology & neuroscience.”

Between Your Ears was initially an undergraduate independent study project in which I explored the usefulness and details of how to use podcasting to dispell myths surrounding psychology and neuroscience. Unforuntately, once the project was finished I fell off the horse, so to speak, and BYE has been in the shadows. That was then, this is now.

Enter Between Your Ears 2.0. Starting some time in April, I will be working on getting Between Your Ears back online, with new episodes coming to you. My goals in the new BYE include:

  • Explore relevant and current issues in the study of the brain and behaviour
  • Make these topics exciting and interesting to a broad audience
  • Give the entire show a nice polish: new cover art, new audio & bumpers
  • Establish myself as an authority on psychology and neuroscience online

In the mean time, here’s some things to whet your appitite:

QUESTION: What do you want to see from the new-and-improved Between Your Ears Podcast? Leave a comment below!

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