Between Your Ears #08: “How Smart is Baby Einstein?”

Main Topic: Baby Einstein DVDs are purchased by thousands of parents around the world under the pretense that they will give their babies a developmental advantage. In this episode, I share some research that finds that Baby DVDs do not give babies any boost in development what-so-ever. In fact, the earlier you start your kids on baby DVDs, the more they seem to lag behind when compared to their peers. The American Academy of Pediatrics suggests to not let your children watch TV within the first two years of life. However, I don’t think its going to cause any serious harm to let them watch TV now and then while you take a break. Just remember that it doesn’t matter what they’re watching; they’re not going to become a genius from watching it (not any more than they already are at least :)).


Over the weekend I discovered your BYE podcasts. I really look forward to catching up on them. I listened to the ADHD podcast from February. I would like to say a BIG THANK YOU for talking about adult ADHD. I have a very hard time finding good information about adult ADHD. It’s mainly directed at kids. I also was not diagnosed until three years ago, at age 32. I sometimes wonder how much easier school would have been if I was diagnosed earlier. One thing that I think you brushed over was that ADHD can be a blessing. I can see the big picture of a situation better than my peers. I love being able to hyperfocus on tasks, although that can come across as ignoring people. I was pissed when I was first diagnosed, but now, with the help of 10mg of adderall, I see it as a strength. Look forward to future podcasts, again, thank you for discussing adult ADHD. (Name withheld)

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