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Well, the end of April is tomorrow, and you’re probably noticing that Between Your Ears has not been reborn as the proverbial Phoenix that I had hoped.

Not yet…

I AM still planning on producing a web series that makes brain and behavioural science understandable, approachable, and interesting. However, I am still working out the details on the best way to do that. I am beginning to realize that the Between Your Ears Podcast in its current form is not designed to reach the largest possible audience, nor is it the best medium for an educational audience.

While listening to TED talks a week or so ago, I found an awesome talk by Tyler DeWitt that encouraged scientists to make their research exciting for younger audiences. If there is one thing that I hope to accomplish with my new series, its making neuroscience more exciting. (Take a second and watch the video below. Seriously, its awesome.)

That is why I have come to the conclusion that I am not going to rush this new web series. I am fairly confident, however, that it will most likely be a series of 3-5 minutes YouTube videos, and that they will take more of a curriculum approach to neuroscience.  Bit by bit, I could address different areas of the brain, different processes that the brain undertakes, different disorders that occur when things go wrong, etc. By doing this, my videos could TEACH about the brain in a simple way instead of just throwing random topics at people. I want to make it interesting and fun, and I really feel like this is the best way to do it.

So for those of you who were eagerly awaiting the next chapter of Between Your Ears, I’m sorry, but you’ll have to wait a little bit longer. My hope is that when this launches, it will be the very best content I can muster. When will it be released? All I can say for now is…


2 thoughts on “Update on Between Your Ears

  1. JD Sutter Reply

    I was really enjoying your podcast and was excited to hear that it may be resurrected. I hope you’ll reconsider that decision to move to video only and not produce any audio content.

    Audio has a better potential for reaching a captive audience due the large numbers of commuters and those who can consume audio content while working.

    In any event, I just wanted to let you know that I really liked the podcast.


    • Zac Erickson Reply

      Sorry for the super late reply. I appreciate your feedback a lot! I’ve been doing more thinking on it. Frankly, between a family and my masters, I do not have time to run a regular video podcast. So that’s good news for you! 🙂 I may do a less formal, video blog on YouTube, and post the audio on YouTube with a static image. We’ll see. 🙂

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