Totally Mental #003: “What’s it like to have ADHD?”

In this episode, I talk about what it’s like to have ADHD. This is my point of reference for talking about mental illness, because its something that I am personally affected by. I based part of my discussion on a blog post a wrote a couple of years ago.

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Totally Mental #001: “You Can’t Do It All, So Just Stop Trying”


One this pilot episode of Totally Mental, I run through my hopes for this new show, why it is the way it is, and how you can be a part of it! I also quickly tackle this week’s topic, and encourage you to check out an awesome podcast episode of This is Your Life with Michael Hyatt.

This Week’s Question: What are you doing that you don’t need to? Is there something that could go?

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Staying Motivated: 2 Great Authors/Podcasters That Keep Me Going

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“When Plan A falls through, you really need to embrace Plan B and love life anyways.” – Me. Just now. Genius.

That’s the lesson I’m learning right now. Over the past couple of weeks, I found out that three of the four counselling psychology graduate programs I applied for did not accept my application for admission. The fourth program has placed me on a waiting list, but 6 of the 12 people who will receive admission before I do need to bow out in order for me to be accepted. TL;DR:  my Plan A for this fall has fallen through. Now that I have a bit of time between me and the disappointment of rejection , I’m seeing all of this as a pretty exciting opportunity. I have always felt like I needed to be developing a following online, establishing some authority in a given field, and looking for the kind of people I want to interact and do business with online. I’m still in the very early stages of figuring out where I really need to carve out my niche, but in the mean time I have a couple great people I have been following that I think people like me will appreciate.

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