Totally Mental #003: “What’s it like to have ADHD?”

In this episode, I talk about what it’s like to have ADHD. This is my point of reference for talking about mental illness, because its something that I am personally affected by. I based part of my discussion on a blog post a wrote a couple of years ago.

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Totally Mental #002: “How Should We Talk About Mental Health?”

In this episode, I’ll be talking about how to talk about mental health. Starting a podcast on mental illness has been a daunting idea, so I did a little research this week to help me figure out what the tone should be with this show. I came across a great article on titled “How Should We Talk About Mental Health”, which gives 10 principles that we can use to base our conversations on.

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I Was Featured on Lethbridge Global News!

Last week I was featured on the local news about the Shire ADHD Scholarship. Check it out! 🙂 I was also featured on their website. I’ve been interviewed almost half a dozen times in the last couple of weeks, and its been kind of a whirlwind. I’m going to post something in the next few days about some of the lessons I’ve learned in the process. In the mean time, enjoy the video!

How I Used a Timer To Double My Productivity

This post is part of an ongoing series on issues relevant to individuals with ADHD. While it may be specifically directed ADHD issues, the topics discussed are applicable to everyone, including students, parents, writers, business people, and YOU!

A large part of my Neuroscience Masters thesis is based upon behavioural tests with rats. It might sound exciting, but in reality it represents watching rats doing the same task over and over again for days on end. It is, quite possibly, the most boring thing that I’ve ever had to do in my life. For someone with ADHD, that is an enormous roadblock on the path towards success. Someone without ADHD would probably be able to get through those clips in about a week of hard scoring (the term we use for collecting data from video footage), but it takes me much longer because I have a hard time sitting for a long period of time doing them. In fact, one of the worst parts of having ADHD is the procrastination. Doing important (even essential) things that you don’t want to do sucks.

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The Looming Light at the End of the Tunnel

Screen Shot 2014-03-06 at 4.25.59 PM

Just stay positive. Just. Stay. Positive.

That’s what I keep telling myself lately. As someone who is working on the last parts of a Master of Science degree, I’m sure its normal for someone like me to be a little anxious. Working in the field of academic research has been more than eye-opening, and I’m seven years into my education. Its frustrating when I have spent seven years in University, and may end up returning to the job I had before I graduated. I have applied for several Counselling Psychology programs, but so far I have only been rejected. There are a couple more who I am still waiting to hear back from, but if they fall through I literally have nothing to go on.

So I’ve been looking at different options and preparing myself for what will happen if I end up being thrown onto the curb after being given a piece of paper with “MSc Neuroscience” on it. The truth of the matter is that most people probably don’t care how much I know about the brain. I have been taking mental inventory of all the things that I am good at, and how I can better utilize those talents. The funny thing is that all of my most valuable talents have more to do with my interest in internet media than they do with neuroscience.

Despite all of the nervousness surrounding the unknown, I am choosing to see it as a win/win. If I am accepted to a Counselling Psychology program, I will be able to move forward with the hopes of becoming a great therapist. If I’m not accepted, I will be faced with an amazing opportunity to explore other options and be creative.  I have been considering the potential of developing a personal brand online, doing some writing, working on some personal projects of mine, and simply getting this blog onto a more consistent schedule. I seem to have an incredible knack for explaining super scientific things in a way that most people can’t, so maybe there is some potential for “Edutainment.” I hate that word, but its definitely something I need to think about more.

I have a favour to ask of you, dear reader. Leave a comment below giving me suggestions on where you think I should focus my online efforts. Do you want to see more YouTube videos? Want me to post something about a certain science topic? Want me to do a photo essay on the reliability of certain behavioural testing? Let me know below!