Between Your Ears #01 – “The Origin of Science Myths”

Topics Discussed on This Episode

This Week in Research: Spacing babies close may raise autism risk

Main Topic: This first episode is dedicated to the purpose of the Between Your Ears Podcast. It is crazy how many people believe things that are just plain false. Usually, these beliefs have roots in real research, but the facts have been twisted and distorted over time. Just like fairy tales, as these ideas are passed from person to person. None of these people have facts directly from the source, so they end up believing and passing on false ideas. My goal with Between Your Ears is to provide an explanation of the facts. I’m going to tackle commonly held beliefs, offer the facts, and help you to understand the science behind these hot topics.


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  • The public and nanotechnology: how citizens make sense of emerging technologies. (Scheufele & Lewenstein, 2005) [Link]
  • Don’t Dumb Me Down, Bad Science. (Ben Goldacre, 2005) [Link]
  • The Mozart effect: Tracking the evolution of a scientific legend. (Bangerter & Heath, 2004)[Link]

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